Cleaning & Hygiene Solution


    With an increase number of viruses and bacteria caused by lack of good hygiene practices, organisations care for the well-being of their employees. We are ready to accompany you in providing a safe environment for both your employees and valued customers. Contact us for your unique hygiene solution now.


    What to expect

    • Air and surface care
    • Hand care
    • Hand drying
    • Hand and seat hygiene
    • Toilet tissue dispenser



    Technical & Marketing Solution 


    Through electronic tools, systems, devices and resources that generate, store or process data, we are able to promote our customers on various social media as well as digital platform. Let us advise you, and design your unique brand.




    What to expect

    • Website designs & hosting
    • Logo designs
    • Social media presence including but not limited to Facebook page, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter
    • PC Troubleshooting
    • All related desktop support

    Staffing Solution


    We provide temp trained cleaning staff for our customers at an affordable price when their own cleaners are on leave or absent. We save you both time and money. Our aim is to provide best solution that helps everyone.





    What to expect

    • Full vetted staff
    • Temporary staff
    • Flexibility
    • Fully trained in the areas of office cleaning
    • Tea lady
    • Handy man

    Your Vision, Our responsibility

    Focus on what you know best while we take care of the rest.

    Your triple bottom line is non-negotiable. 



    Somila aspires to be one of South Africa's leading Multi Services partners.  

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    Safeguarding Your Brand



    Safeguarding customers' brand by providing customized high quality services by bringing people, tools, and processes together.



    Performance excellence, Team Work and Integrity

    How We Can Help...

    We have wide range of products & services

    What We Offer...

    We are safeguarding our customers' brands by providing customized high quality services by bringing people, tools, and processes together.


    Technical & Marketing Solution

    Staffing solution

    Commercial cleaning